Waste To Energy Solutions

Waste-to-energy or Energy-from-waste is a unique and technological advanced concept for waste disposal. All you get is clean energy for a long period without polluting our environment. If you wish to contribute to the mission to mitigate climate change, WTE (Waste To Energy) is a great solution you can opt for.

At Renerzee Vidyut, our team of experienced professionals provides end-to-end solutions for waste-to-energy to the clientele consists of industries and government agencies. With an experience of over 18 years in the renewable energy projects, we assist you to design, construct, and operate the waste-to-energy plants.

Waste-to-energy solutions can produce power in multiple ways. Wastewater and sludge can produce biogas that can be used to produce electricity and thermal energy using biogas engines. Also, the mixture of wastewater and sludge can be used to produce biomethane. Our Waste-to-energy solutions enable your plant to turn waste into a resource with the help of sustainable technologies.

Waste-to-energy solutions can help you decrease dependency on electricity and gas consumption by producing renewable energy. You can also reduce the volume of sludge up to 90% thereby making more land available for other purposes. Other benefits of waste-to-energy include a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and low operation costs.

Manufacturing, utility, heavy engineering, and other industry sectors can leverage the benefits of waste-to-energy solutions to remain environment-friendly and compliant of pollution-preventive standards imposed by local authorities. These solutions are 100% reliable and you can start getting their benefits for your plant in a short time.

Benefits of Waste to Energy Solutions from Renerzee Vidyut

  • Proper evaluation by the team of experienced engineers
  • Analysis of biomass in our laboratory to find its capacity to produce biogas
  • Identification of scope and benefits in business terms
  • Cost-effective solutions and high ROI (Return on Investment)