Fibre Reinforced Plastics

High strength and good resistance to corrosion- fiber reinforced plastic has many other benefits too. Your manufacturing unit can get rid of traditional iron-made equipment by replacing them with a highly elastic and lightweight fiber-reinforced plastic. Renerzee Vidyut helps you make your company more energy-efficient.

Fibre reinforced plastic is structurally made with a perfect blend of resin and glass to resist a range of acids, solvents and alkalis. You can save the industry material from weathering, spillage and corrosive fumes by using fibre reinforced plastics. Strength and corrosion resistance are key characteristics of this material. With this, fibre reinforced plastic pipe can be modified and repaired easily.

We are a specialist consultancy firm with extensive experience in fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and renewable energy solutions. Our team of expert engineers can provide customized FRP solutions to large and established companies and ensure complete protection of industry material from the effects of water and other liquids.

We provide site inspection and assessment services to identify the needs for suggesting the most suitable FRP solution. At Renerzee Vidyut, we have an in-house team of expert and dedicated engineers who can address complex issues efficiently. Our FRP solutions can be useful for various industry sectors including energy, marine, mining and wastewater management.

We have a global clientele consists of chemical, mining and thermal power companies. We provide assistance in design, construct and install the FRP solutions along with maintenance services.

Benefits of Fibre Reinforced Plastic Solutions from Renerzee Vidyut

  • Site survey and proper assessment of requirements
  • Design and install FRP platforms and pipes at competitive rates
  • Excellent use of FRP for complete and effective protection from corrosion and weathering
  • Site installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of FRP under one roof
  • Regular maintenance and real-time technical assistance